Researching, writing and teaching about the Beat Generation movement

  • Journal of Beat StudiesVolume 4, 2016

What’s Happening

American Literature Association Annual Conference

The Beat Studies Association will present two panels at the American Literature Association annual conference scheduled for May 25-28, 2017 in Boston, MA. We hope to see you there!

“New Directions in Beat Studies”
Chair: Ronna Johnson, Tufts University

  1. “Michael McClure and Independent Film,” Jane Falk, University of Akron
  2. “‘Now My Garden is Gone’: Allen Ginsberg’s nostos,” Anna Aublet, Universite de Paris
  3. “Re-Orienting the Beats,” Matthew Packer, Buena Vista University

“Kerouac and Kerouac: Legacies”
Chair: Nancy Grace, College of Wooster

  1. “Le Club Jack Kerouac,” Sara Villa, John Abbott College
  2. “Kerouac’s Fathers and Sons: Masculine Lineage in Jack Kerouac’s The Sea is My Brother and The Haunted Life,” Daniel Dissinger, Univ. of Southern California
  3. “A Road of Her Own: Jan Kerouac’s Trilogy,” Laura Kuhlman, University of Iowa